In 1997, I first discovered the internet, and subsequently discovered the importance of sharing opinions and stories in online communities. As I drove towards my career in broadcasting, it helped to solidify the fact sharing opinions and stories online is an important part of everyone’s daily life.

While I maintain social media profiles on both Facebook and Twitter, it is my blogging that I gain the most enjoyment. I feel as I cannot share the everyday goings on in shortened status updates. It is also easier to get in to more long winded explanations of certain life events in blog format, and share it on social media. Being able to publish automatically on multiple platforms was part if my reasoning in switching from Blogger to WordPress.

The Outside with David Lemley serves as a professional blog. One in which I express opinions on political happenings, interviews I have conducted, etc. I maintain a personal blog as well.

For those interested, please check out.



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