I’ve always been an old school sports fan. I’m attracted to the myths and legends of the sporting events of yore. From the Montreal Canadiens dynasty years of the 50s and 70s, to the New York Yankees “Murderers Row” of the 20s and 30s, to the glory of the Dallas Cowboys as America’s Team in the 70s and 80s, sports legends have fascinated me.

Sure, I’ve lived through 3 major NHL dynasty’s with the New York Islanders and Edmonton Oilers in the 80’s along with the Detroit Red Wings of 95 to now. The New York Yankees have been THE baseball team since 1996. The Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots have dominated football in my lifetime. And who can forget the Chicago Bulls two 3-peats in the 90s? But I long for the stories people tell about the days past.

I find the stories I hear in sports from “back in the day” more relatable to life. Especially when it comes to politics.

To me, the Presidential Debates are like a 3 round boxing match between formidable opponents. In one corner you have the President, the heavyweight champion if you will. In the other corner, you have the contender, the guy with nothing to lose. And you square the two off, jumping in when you need to, giving them time to take a step back and breathe when the other is backed into a corner.

This year, after what I saw at the debates, I’m switching the card around. I’m putting Obama as the challenger. Not because he’s behind, but because of the faith and hope I have in him. Plus, it works for my biased analysis of the debate. And because he’s using a maneuver made famous by the greatest boxer of all time.

It was October 30th 1974. Mohammed Ali vs. George Foreman. The Rumble in the Jungle. Ali came out swinging, but it didn’t last. Foreman quickly overpowered Ali and had him along the ropes. Punch after punch, Ali sat there and took it like a man, taunting his enemy. Sure, he hit back, hard, fast, precise, but Foreman had the upper hand, winning round by round. It wasn’t until late in the fight that Ali started to come back against a physically tired and mentally spent Foreman.

The move, as its infamously referred to now, is called Rope A Dope. By having Foreman throw all the punches, Ali was conserving his own energy. It helped him lay down the fury and win the fight by knockout.

Tonight, I saw my guy Obama get backed into a the ropes. Romney through blow after blow, and punch after punch. Winning the round. Its not saying Obama didn’t land a few in himself, but not as many as Romney did. Obama attacked Romney for not revealing his plans. It was a quick jab. Romney got Obama on the lack of job growth and cuts in federal spending. Body blows. It wasn’t exactly pretty.

Now, I know Obama’s smarter than this. He’s purposely putting himself in the corner and letting Romney make a punching bag out of him. Its part of his master plan. The next debate, Obama has to counter back with Romney’s sending jobs overseas during his career. Not just during his time with Bain Capital, but during his time on the board of directors with J.W. Marriott. Its the punch that’s going to knock Romney back in to Sunday. Of course, Obama needs to counter with a left hook on unconstitutional, Republican backed, voter “reform” laws. The same ones that prevent people without ID from voting, thus enabling a polling tax. The knockout blows will come with his lack of support for homosexual marriages, and a woman’s right to choose.

For right now though, they’re having a breather. Taking that important sip of water, and stitching up the cuts of the first round. This is going to be a long fight, don’t count Obama out yet.



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