I won’t be watching the US Presidential Debate tonight. No, its not because I have no interest in it. Its certainly not because there’s better programs on to watch. And its absolutely 100% not because I cannot vote in their elections. No, its simpler then that. I won’t be watching because my better half does not want to, for all the aforementioned reasons. And, she is right in her decision based on one point. As Canadians, we’re unable to vote in American elections. And that reason subsequently makes her right in the other two reasons. She has no interest, thus…there will be a night of catching up on TV programs we’ve recorded on our PVR. Where would we be without that technology?

Without technology, like PVRs, internet, and iPhones, we’d be in the dreamland of the Grand Ol’ Party. That’s right, I said it. We would be living the Amish lifestyle that the 20th Century deniers like Mitt Romney and the Republican Party have been dreaming of. One with every man working. The same utopia that would see every woman stuck in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, rolling pin in one hand, bible in the other. Blacks and other minorities would be slaving away in laborious jobs for little or no pay. Cars, if they existed, would get 12 gallons to the mile and would be the size of a tank.

The sick would just, well, die, because who needs those entitled bastards anyway? The same goes with the poor, uneducated, and uninsured. And woah, look out for the Arts! If it doesn’t happen at the church, it won’t happen at all. Every man will own a gun and an unlimited supply of ammunition, because I heard King George VI, he’s coming for your freedom!

Now, if all this sounds absurd, it really is. Even as a Democrat sympathiser, and Obama supporter I have to try and read all that without laughing. Fact is, several fail safes are in place to prevent that all from happening. First off, there’s the Emancipation Proclamation, the Equal Rights Amendment, the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (or even the National Energy Policy) on the books. Not saying that a Republican President would not repeal those, but he’d have a huge fight on his hands.

What my American friends and readers should be worried about is unconstitutional and illegal voter registration and ID laws. Laws designed to prevent them from exercising their democratic right, guaranteed by the constitution and bill of rights they hold in such high regard. It would mean that those who are lacking sufficient enough ID would not be able to cast a ballot, even if it is for the Republican Party. And why? Because the poor that don’t carry ID, the elderly who have never had to have picture ID, and any victim of identity theft are likely to vote for the Democrats anyways. You can buy into the lies of the prevention of “voter fraud” if you so choose, but its gerrymandering at its finest.

Of course, that’s not the only problem with our Republican friends.

The have a man representing them on stage at the University of Colorado tonight that ratified a healthcare bill that mandates everyone in the state of Massachuesetts obtains the government regulated, state run, minimum level of health insurance. Yet, his party fights this same idea on a national scale. In fact, Governor Romney has toed his party line, speaking out with zeal against the same health reforms for the entire United States of America. And why should they? It has nothing to do with America being one of the least healthiest people in history, and everything to do with private enterprise in a free market economy.

The same man, Governor Romney, has championed job creation and growth for American workers.  Now, lets remember, while he was on the board of directors for Marriott International, in 2010, announced that 600 new properties would be added to their chain. The bulk of which would be built in the emerging markets of China, India, and elsewhere in Southeast Asia. The same man also invests in factories in those same emerging global markets.

Of course, Romney is part of the upper 5% of the population that draws a salary of over $250,000. He has an amassed fortune nearing $250,000,000. Now, I’m not faulting the guy for being smart and frugal, nor do I fault him for not wanting to pay more in taxes. However, as a man trying to win an election, he could at least entertain the idea of increasing taxes on the super-rich. Paying a 14% tax rate, when your paid aides (who make $30,000/year) pay 24%? I’m not an economist, nor accountant, or even mathematician, but even I can tell you that doesn’t add up right. A tiered tax system, that doesn’t favor the rich with things like tax shelters (IE: off shore bank accounts), is probably a smarter way to go in the USA. Something you’ll never see under Mitt’s rule.

I could also get in to Mitt’s recent gaffes about the 47% of American’s that pay “no taxes at all”, but that’s been overdone. The fact that if he was a minority he’d have the election in the bag? Yeah. Again, the pundits have had their way with it already. Its just too easy. However, what I will point out is that Mitt Romney picked a fight over a reclining seat on an Air Canada flight…with Sky Blu from LMFAO…yeah, I said that right.


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