I loathe politics in Canada. Honest to whichever deity you worship, Canadian politics lack the excitement and flare we need to keep the electorate engaged. Our national elections are solved over a matter of 6 – 8 weeks, and if we’re lucky every few years. Sure, there may be a bi-election in some riding north of Montreal or east of Saskatoon every now and again, but it lacks the pizzazz of those elections to the south.

I’ve always had a few theories on this one, but it all usually boils down to Bill C-150. If you know your politics as well as I do, you may know it as the Criminal Law Amendment Act, 1968-69. It was the all encompassing, 120 clause amendment to criminal law in Canada.

Basically, while then Justice Minister, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, uttered the infamous words “There’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation” to the media, he was attempting to bring Canada in to the 20th century.

The Criminal Law Amendment Act, 1968-69 legalized homosexuality, contraception, abortion, while regulating lotteries, gun possession, drunk driving, advertising, and animal cruelty. It was all done in one omnibus act of legislation. If you think abortion, homosexuality, and gun control are all controversial issues in 2012, imagine how it was in the late 196os.

Like today, both politicians and the people were on both sides of the argument. The biggest argument was whether personal feeling of immorality should be made illegal. One example used was that adultery is immoral, but not illegal. The same was said about lying. So, while non-progressives figured homosexuality and abortions (even under therapeutic situations) to be immoral, they should not be against the law.

The bill was officially passed in 1969.

Having grown up in the Canada where these laws have been on the books for so long has made politics boring to me. If you toss in our government funded universal health care system (that was first introduced in 1946), and legalized homosexual marriages (passed in 2005), we’ve nothing really left to do as a civilized nation.

I wonder when our neighbors to the south are going to catch on?


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