“I’m a blogger”

A three word phrase I would have never thought to include on a resume. However, as I’m diving in to my career search as a radio broadcaster, I’m finding those three little words have a major impact on my life. The truth is, I have been blogging since before blogging was called blogging.

It is true. When I started writing on the internet in the late 1990’s, it was considered an online diary or online journal. In 1997 when I started writing online, most of what I was subjecting the internet to was teenage angst. Neither my language, grammar, or spelling was as refined as it has become today. In fact, my early “rants” (as they were called) were poorly executed attempts at finding my place in the world.

I often look back at my earliest posts and laugh. Mind you, there are times I wonder exactly what the hell I was thinking. Lets face it, the years anyone spends between 16 and 23 should be erased from your permanent record. I’m not specifically proud of many of those older posts, however I do feel that they showed promise.

As the years have moved on and blogging has become the new norm, I like to think of myself as an internet pioneer of sorts. Yes, those are bold words, but not without merit. Prior to the introduction of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and the likes, my blogs between 1997 and 2004 garnered some 150,000 hits. Sure, that’s not a lot when you consider something like The New York Times op-ed section, but for one guy? That was pretty damn good. Especially when you consider the only ways to share was email or some form of instant messaging program (MSN, mIRC, ICQ).

So, as I move on with this project, I reflect on my earliest entries in the digital world. My first posts were published in 1997. I now realize how much I as a person have changed. I’ve gone through several occupations, friendships, and relationships. I’ve relocated several times, to several different cities. However, the one thing that has remained a constant during that time?

I am a blogger.


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